giai phap cong nghe cua cang da nang dat giai ba vifotec 2021
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Technology solutions of Da Nang Port won the third prize of VIFOTEC 2021

The smart container gate model is applied to optimize the cargo transportation at Da Nang port, bringing great economic efficiency.

The ePort electronic port software and automatic container gate (AutoGate) of Da Nang Port Joint Stock Company have just been honored to receive the third prize of the Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Award in 2021.

Da Nang Port Joint Stock Company was honored to receive the Third Prize of Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Award in 2021

Da Nang Port Joint Stock Company was honored to receive the Third Prize of Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Award in 2021

Previously, in May 2022, this software was also awarded the first prize by the Organizing Committee at the 16th Da Nang City Technical Innovation Contest.

Mr. Le Quang Duc, Deputy General Director of Da Nang Port Joint Stock Company, said that the automatic container gate – autogate at Da Nang Port applies many technological solutions such as: recognizing container codes by the ACCR algorithm combined with intelligence. artificial AI; identification of the number plate of the tractor / trailer; control barrie opening and closing, reading indicator of electronic weighing head; use robots to execute commands; send information via the driver’s phone app.

Customers can check-in anywhere with an internet connection, shortening delivery time, saving costs in printing, storing records and documents, all information is digitized.

“This is also the first smartgate to be applied at Vietnamese ports, to facilitate drivers and shippers with two important goals: no paper, no contact.

The introduction of automatic container gates into operation also helps to minimize waiting time, reduce costs for customers, increase objectivity, transparent information and minimize errors, making Da Nang Port a successful port. online, efficient and fast”, Mr. Duc informed.

With Eport electronic port software, shipping lines, forwarding companies, import-export business community, transport companies, customs work together on a maritime ecosystem, online environment, data exchange electronic data, electronic payment, electronic customs, electronic documents, electronic container delivery note.

It is known that Eport electronic port software and smartgate smart container gateway have been officially put into operation by Da Nang port from October 7, 2020.

In 2022, Da Nang Port will continue to invest and upgrade infrastructure for information technology, warehousing infrastructure, facilities and equipment in order to effectively implement the digital transformation strategy it has built. to the goal of digitizing “one infrastructure, one database”, taking customers as the center.

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